It’s often the go-to choice to jump in the car however far you need to travel. An e-bike is a great alternative for all types of journeys – the school run, your daily commute, a fun day out or a quick trip to the shops.

E-bikes get you further with less effort and more joy. Do the ride thing and embrace easy bike travel with e-pedal power.

Did you know?

26% of car journeys completed in 2022 were under one kilometre – a 6% increase on the previous year. (

E-bikes give you another option for these shorter trips – an easy swap for the car when you’re not going far.

Eight good reasons to choose an e-bike for everyday journeys:


Ready when you are


A cost-effective alternative to cars


Great for mind and body


More power, less effort

5)Environmentally friendly

Kinder all round


Stronger frames and the power to keep up with other traffic


Trikes and adaptive cycles for every need


A fun way to travel about

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Finding Support

See how to access an e-bike, from financial support to how your employer can help.

Start your e-pedal power journey
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Learn more about e-bikes and try one for yourself in your local community throughout South-East Scotland and beyond, such as hubs supported by Do The Ride Thing.

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I’d recommend anyone with reduced mobility to give an e-bike a shot. It’ll transform your life!
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