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Helen, Portobello

“I was keen to join my husband on cycling trips, so I decided to try out an e-bike for a few weeks.

I hired one from Portobello Community Energy, one of the Do The Ride Thing hubs, and it was fantastic!

My confidence quickly grew, and it was a breeze getting about, thanks to the bike’s extra power. I was also really struck by how easy it was to handle the bike. It wasn’t remotely cumbersome or heavy.

We had great fun exploring East Lothian and navigating our way through Edinburgh. Even popping to the shops was easier with the e-bike.

Portobello Community Energy gave me some great tips about battery maintenance – all surprisingly straightforward, too.

I’m now thinking about buying an e-bike for myself. That way I can keep up with my husband so we can have even more fun together on our bikes.

Everyone should give it a try – it’s life-changing!”

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Susanne, Portobello

“I work for Portobello Community Energy, which is one of the hubs supported by Do The Ride Thing.

I was always a confident cyclist until a knee complaint made cycling impractical on a regular bike.

Fortunately, I found that renting an e-bike from the hub allowed me to continue cycling without making my knees any worse. Getting from A to B is effortless and pain free!

I found the e-bike gave me a sense of security and the reassurance that I could plan and complete journeys. I managed to take control of my life again without resorting to a car.

There are other benefits too – being outdoors, easy exercise and a real sense of wellbeing. My e-bike has been such a life saver, I’m thinking about buying one of my own.

I’d recommend anyone with reduced mobility to give e-bikes a shot. It’ll transform your life!”

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