• The West Lothian Bike Library (WLTB) is a social enterprise in Livingston. It promotes active lifestyles and connectivity throughout the West Lothian region. It broadens access to cycling, while encouraging improved health and independence.
  • WLTB offers complimentary bike lessons to ensure everyone is included.
  • It has many e-bikes, adaptive cycles and cargo bikes available.
  • Low cost servicing and repairs are available.
  • For regular updates, the West Lothian Bike Library can be followed on www.wlbikelibrary.co.uk or Facebook.
  • Portobello Community Energy is interested in reducing carbon emissions and helping its community change over to low-carbon living.
  • Portobello Community Energy promotes active travel, such as walking and cycling. Its initiatives include hosting events, organising group rides, providing cargo-bike training, and offering support.
  • E-bikes and e-cargo bikes are available for rental at the Portobello Community Energy hub, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of electric-assisted biking.
  • To learn more about Portobello Community Energy’s work and accessing an e-bike, its Contact Us page offers comprehensive information and assistance, or follow Portobello Community Energy on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter).
  • CLEAR Buckhaven and Methil – Community-Led Environmental Action for Regeneration focuses on enhancing the neglected local environment and re-engaging the community.
  • The group conducts extensive gardening initiatives and low carbon activities. It aims to deliver small-scale transformative impacts and contributes to practical positive climate action.
  • Greener Kirkaldy work closely with CLEAR Buckhaven and Methil and also offer a wider range of e-bike services.
  • The Walkerburn Community Development Trust (WCDT) focuses on initiatives that enhance the local community along the banks of the River Tweed. The trust’s primary goal is to contribute to the betterment of Walkerburn and create a vibrant environment that is ideal for work, relaxation, and recreational activities.
  • As part of its services, WCDT offers short-term e-bike rental for a variety of purposes. These e-bikes, sourced from SEStran, include eight standard models and one cargo bike. Cyclists can pick up and return these bikes at Suds Auto Valeting on Galashiels Road, available from 10 am to 5 pm every day of the week.

Further Information

If none of our Hubs is near you, you can find out about and try out e-bikes in a variety of other places, including: Cycling Scotland, Energy Saving Trust, Greener Kirkcaldy, Wheels for Wellbeing, and many, many more.

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